Introducing Mecho – Commercial Shades

Introducing Mecho – Commercial Shades


Since 1969, Mecho® has been a trusted partner to architects and designers to help bring their design visions to life. Responding to the growing and evolving needs of the architectural and design communities, Mecho is at the forefront of revolutionizing window shades, effectively creating a new industry. Mecho thrives in hard-to-solve design and technical challenges and embraces “the unbreakable spec”— those unique projects that call for shading non-rectangular, sloping, high, wide, monumental, difficult-to-access, and other non-standard windows.

Mecho has the solution that architects and designers specify to get the job done right. Mecho’s product line includes the manual Mecho 5, the motorized ElectroShade®, and revolutionary solutions such as SolarTrac®, an automated shading system that tracks the sun and automatically adjusts ElectroShades throughout a defined space, entire building or complete campus. Mecho’s innovation and “thinking outside the box” approach applies advanced science to important sustainability goals. From protecting art to highlighting architectural elements to improving occupant performance, Mecho will configure solutions that will meet your needs.

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