Client Engagement Services

re/work360° is a division of American Interiors that is solely dedicated to workplace research and the “people” side of change. We understand the many “working parts” that play a significant role in providing a successful and well-balanced work environment: people, culture, choice, well-being, engagement, community.

We connect your business goals, worker needs, technology and real estate to create a workplace that motivates your employees to drive business results. By preparing, managing and reinforcing the transition to new workstyles, we ensure employees embrace, adopt and use their work environment capably and collaboratively.

Asset & Relocation Management

Our strategy with asset management relocation is two-fold:

  1. Reduce and consolidate client inventory costs (i.e., square-footage fees, handling fees, delivery fees) by consolidating items with one vendor.
  2. Reduce the need to purchase “new” furniture or interior products by utilizing your existing assets.

The ultimate goal is to save money by recycling what you already own and sustainably making better use of what you already have.

Delivery & Installation

Unlike most, we have a full-time, in-house installation team trained for all applications in the interior environment such as: prefab interior construction, furniture systems, freestanding furniture solutions, sound masking and acoustical treatments.

Our quick responders, troubleshooters and problem solvers are hard-wired to provide extraordinary customer service throughout each phase of our integrated project delivery process.

Design & Specification

Our holistic design approach allows for full collaboration between the architects, designers and end users, while our design experts guide, advise and execute on the best solution. The American Interiors project team participates in regular project meetings to achieve product solutions, finalize typicals and lay out each space in AutoCAD or ICE®.

We assist you with finish selections and provide samples for all areas to create a complete bill of materials ready for sign-off.


  • Space planning, technical specifications
  • Completed bill of materials
  • Furniture finish coordination
  • 2D and 3D drawings
  • 3D renderings
  • 3D video fly-throughs
  • Mock-up coordination
  • Power coordination
  • Installation drawings

Project Management

Our involvement in a project doesn’t end when we find the best workplace solution. We’re a full-service organization with in-house project management. Being immersed in every aspect of the project allows us to better communicate and track progress and results from start to finish.

Our project managers take pride in executing projects of every scale and scope. They are on site during installation on a weekly basis to ensure clear communication between our installation crew and all other trades, keeping your goals and preferences in focus at all times.

Project Manager’s Duties

  • Activity planning and sequencing
  • Resource planning
  • Project schedule development
  • Time estimating
  • Cost estimating
  • Maintaining documentation
  • Creating charts and schedules
  • Managing risks and issues
  • Monitoring progress and reporting
  • Coordinating with vendors
  • Controlling quality

Remanufactured Furniture

With American Interiors’ remanufactured furniture line, the spaces we inspire can be affordable and environmentally sustainable without sacrificing quality.

In 1993, American Interiors saw a need to remanufacture contract furnishings, promoting environmental sustainability before it became a rising issue and trend. Remanufactured and recycled furniture are great alternatives to buying new. We offer high-quality, name-brand furniture that’s been completely disassembled, inspected, repaired and reassembled to like-new condition. Remanufactured furniture gives you the same quality as new furniture at a savings of up to 35%.

Using remanufactured and recycled furniture can contribute to a LEED® credit. Our products are also UL approved and offer a lifetime limited warranty. American Interiors continuously reinvests in new manufacturing technology. Through these technologies, we can repurpose old furniture destined for the landfill into new cost-effective solutions.

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