Since 1993, American Interiors has continued to prove its expertise at creating interior environments that inspire the places we work, learn, heal and play. When Steve Essig started this business over 27 years ago, his goal was to be the very best, not the largest. Simply put, he wanted to be the best provider in each city we serve. We provide products, services and workplace transformation consulting across our markets of Cleveland, Detroit, Orlando, Tampa, Toledo and beyond.

Today, as a growing and multifaceted company, American Interiors still remains true to its roots. Our foundation is built on working closely and developing longstanding partnerships with our clients.

Each and every day, we strive to bring value, knowledge and innovative ideas to our customers. Our job is to challenge and help educate clients on latest trends, cutting-edge solutions and enhancements that will affect employee engagement, attraction and retention – as well as the bottom line. This is reflected not only in the products we represent, but in all of our team members.

  • We engage the very best people with expertise, experience and enthusiasm for complex details
  • We love what we do and the daily opportunities to translate your vision
  • We provide a work environment of choice for our own employees
  • We work hard and celebrate everyone’s contributions

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