Sound management is the #1 “invisible” challenge that designers and architects face in the ever-changing work environment. Effective workplaces balance focused work and collaboration, but often it’s difficult to balance good office “hum” with unwanted and distracting sound. American Interiors offers a number of solutions that work together to contribute to acoustic comfort, creating more satisfied employees.

Sound Masking

Sound masking systems add low level, unobtrusive background sound to an environment to reduce intelligibility of human speaech and reduce distractions. Levels can be set to adjust as overall sound levels increase and decrease.

Framery: Private Phone Rooms: Phone Booths and Meeting Pods for Smart Offices

Integrating Framery into your space adjusts “the most visible wall of every space – the sound.” Let Framery introduce you the shape of silence.


Knoll architectural products integrate seamlessly to provide thoughtful design solutions for acoustics, space division and visual privacy, supporting the modern, flexible workplace. Additionally, coverings offer the opportunity to inject color, texture and materiality into a space, adding layers of interest and appeal and reinforcing your brand in the workplace.

TURF: Modular Acoustic Solutions for the Open Office

Through aesthetics and acoustic performance, TURF solves the problems of the contemporary office.

TURF Is Easy to Specify and Customize

TURF believes that great products should be both easy on the eyes and easy to install. Using standardized building components for our product lines, certified installers and parametric design tools for custom projects, TURF can go from concept to completion faster and with more fun than our competitors. TURF’s products and systems are the most efficient way to bring thoughtful design ideas into the built environment.

Acoustics Partners

In addition to our partnership with FALK and Knoll, we work closely with other quality manufacturers representing every aspect of acoustics solutions. We are experts in the procurement of prefab interior construction, systems furniture, acoustics and more – all to fit perfectly within any project requirement.

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