Modern office technology is rapidly changing today’s environment that not only includes IT, AV, resource management and open-space sound control, but also encompasses the multitude of ways in which each office gets work done. Whether co-working, collaborating, heads-down focus work, or meeting; the technology that facilitates the activity mix must be easy to use and allow workers flexibility and mobility.

Integrated Technology

An environment where technology is part of its DNA is an environment that should have Falk.

Start with clean, smart integration either inside the Walls or hanging from them. Monitors, speakers, CPUs, speakers, MP3docks, USB ports, security readers… Falk Walls not only support these elements and their accompanying cabling, but keep them secure while ensuring their accessibility for the right teams.

As it always does, technology will change. Falk Walls are impervious to change. Universal mounting abilities – inside and outside the Walls – mean whatever comes next will fit without demolition and rebuilding with all the attendant noise, material disposal and energy waste.

Audio Visual

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It is important that our clients experience success with their technology innovations and evolution. Linking technology to the elements our clients value most ensures success.

Linking solutions:

  • Wireless Presentation and Collaboration Systems
  • Video Conferencing Solutions
  • Monitors
  • Digital Signage
  • Room Schedulers

Sound Masking

Sound masking systems add low level, unobtrusive background sound to an environment to reduce intelligibility of human speaech and reduce distractions. Levels can be set to adjust as overall sound levels increase and decrease.

  • Active Sound Masking Systems
  • Passive Acoustic Treatments

Network Infrastructure

PON: Faster, More Efficient. Less Money. Yes.

Passive Optical Networks (PON) leverages single mode fiber optics for a superior network solution beyond any copper cabling. Immediately PON’s compact size and ease of delivery to the desktop reduces space requirements, network equipment, installation, and construction costs. A PON deployment can be half the cost of copper. And once you’re moved in, you’ll see even more savings.

COMPARISON Copper Single-Mode Fiber Optics
Bandwidth 1 to 10 GBE maximum Unlimited
Distance Capabilities Up to 328 feet Up to 12 miles
Telecom Real Estate  Multiple telecom rooms Single small telecom room
Environment Controls $5,000-$20,000 per room annually $5,000 or less annually
Switches Yes No
Speed Upgrades Regularly Never


Traditional Network
Copper TR Building Section
Passive Optical Network
PON TR Building Section
traditional network compared to passive optical network traditional network compared to passive optical network

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