Large Commercial Real Estate

Large Commercial Real Estate

American Interiors was honored to partner with one of the top real estate brokerage firms in the country was combining a few offices into one large space in the newly developed flats building in Cleveland, OH.

The company chose American Interiors to provide furniture and architectural products for this beautiful downtown location. After extensive research, they eliminated all private offices and built out 84 workstations. In some areas they went to “Free Address.” This reduced the square footage as well as made the space more conducive to collaboration. Through the process, our client recognized that they could evaluate their workplace as a valuable tool that would help them attract, engage, and retain top talent.

By collaborating with Vocon Design, American Interiors provided furniture for a wide variety of different workspaces. Workstations and benching products were from Knoll and included Autostrada and Dividends. Huddle rooms, conference rooms, media enclaves all utilized DIRTT Architectural Walls. We also had phone rooms, activity spaces and café areas. The product lines used for these spaces consisted of Allermuir, Bernhardt Design, Krug, Tuohy, and Kimball Office.

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